Sake “N” by Hidetoshi Nakata & Takagi Shuzo 品嚐N清酒 – 16/11/2017


Sake “N” is the collaboration of Hidetoshi Nakata & Takagi Shuzo in Yamagata Prefecture. Quite impressed by the chic blackish-blue coloured bottle & package design, particularly in love with the matte finish and dimple (yes, on the bottle!), which project an image of classy elegance & decent playfulness. Not a particularly aromatic one while the sake was first poured due to low storage temperature, but it started to open up bit by bit over time in room temperature. On palate it’s delicate yet finely structured, soft but complex, mouth filled with beautiful melon & white peach flavours, with an aftertaste full of white flowers & fountain-watered pebbles. A sake with precise depth that needs time and attention.