Kishoku Omakase Gin & Tonic pairing experience – 30/Oct/2017


I always love pairing food with Gin & tonic, not just because of I’m a big fan of gin but I believe exploration is the key to fun gastronomy. Last night I had a very enjoyable Gin & tonic pairing dinner at Kishoku. They showed us how different infused herbs and spices in the gin drink can wonderfully pair various dishes in the omakase menu, the fragrance, flavours, low serving temperature & alcohol of gin spiced up the umami taste of many of these courses. What a savoury evening!


Kishoku楽壽司的Gin & Tonic配Omakase有好幾款,Gin base是Beefeater再進行infusion,調酒時加入不同草本,其中這兩款就利用了青瓜和紫蘇葉帶出味道,配合多款前菜和魚生。前者輕爽,後者香氣十足,兩者都令人胃口大開!配搭鮮味主導的菜色,不得了!

All the gins we had are from the brand Beefeater, and infused with carefully selected ingredients. The ones with cucumber & basil leave were particularly outstanding, the former was distinctively refreshing whereas the latter was fragrant. Both of the above were appetizing and pleasing.