Piger Henricus Gin – 10/1/2018

日前喝過這瓶加拿大魁北克的微型蒸餾廠Les Distillateurs Subversifs出品的毯酒Piger Henricus Gin,風格和做法跟一般的London dry gin差不多,用料都是常見的杜松子、香菜、當歸、檸檬皮小荳蔻等,但還有一款很少見的材料:防風草,據說會讓酒更添花香,我品喝了覺得此酒甚是含蓄輕盈,稍嫌不夠香。

Had this Piger Henricus Gin which is produced in Quebec, made of traditional gin botanicals & the unusual parsnip, quite a light and subtle one, was expecting more fragrance.

Piger Henricus Gin

Piger Henricus Gin

文、圖:梁淑意@醉美麗 By Rebecca Leung@WineisBeautiful.com

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